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What is the Diabits App?

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

“Can we prevent disease complications using machine learning?” This was the question that our founder Amir Hayeri, sought to answer when he started Bio Conscious Technologies Inc. in 2015. A focus on diabetes was established, and in 2017, he and his team had designed the Diabits app and completed successful clinical testing with BC Children’s Hospital.

How Does the Diabits app Work?

The Diabits app is a personalized diabetes management tool for people with type I and type II diabetes using a continuous glucose monitor. Using an AI algorithm, the Diabits app builds a personalized model of your blood sugar. The model allows you to see future glucose values up to 60 minutes ahead of time to help you avoid highs and lows.

Our app provides real-time estimates of your future glucose levels using an AI algorithm that learns your personal blood sugar fluctuations. Imagine having peace of mind for 60 minutes and being able to stay ahead of changes in your blood sugar! The freedom that is felt throughout the day is invaluable.

The Diabits app currently offers these incredible features:


"What if you could know you are high or low before you were high or low. Well guess what. Notifications allow you to target your blood sugar range and the Diabits app will alert you when you are high and low. They also help you stay ahead of your blood sugar and gain peace of mind. 

  • Customize alert types and timing

  • Set alerts for future highs and lows

  • Enable critical alerts while on do-not-disturb


Keep track of the data that matters, to see how different factors affect your blood sugar fluctuations. Log your meals, insulin, and exercise quickly and easily, and help the algorithm get better at estimating your future blood glucose.

  • See active insulin and carbs in your system and avoid insulin stacking

  • Track your insulin-to-carb ratios to understand how your insulin sensitivity changes

  • Learn how illness, mood, exercise, and daily activities impact blood sugar


No more surprises! Gain valuable insights driven by our AI analytics. See more comprehensive feedback over time as the Diabits app generates more personalized models of you blood sugar fluctuations. 

  • Get an estimated HbA1c with just two weeks of data

  • Track improvement in time in range

  • Review recurrent highs and lows to find problem areas

Share Your Data

We understand the importance of keeping your family and loved ones in the loop. Feel more secure in your diabetes management knowing your followers can always check-in.

  • Follower accounts are always free

  • Add unlimited followers

  • Followers see your blood sugar data and can receive custom alerts

One, Two, Three, GO!

Getting started with the Diabits app is uber-easy:

  1. Download the app from the Apple app Store or from Google Play.

  2. Create a User Account.

  3. Connect your CGM.

The Diabits app is compatible with many devices, including Dexcom CGMs, Nightscout, Apple Watch, Fitbit, and soon Novodisk NovoPen Echo.

The Diabits app is designed to be used in conjunction with your CGM and isn’t meant to be used to make correction decisions. It is recommended to always consult the reading from your CGM before determining if you want to deliver insulin or carbs. Use the blood sugar estimates in your Diabits app to have peace of mind and have extra time to make the important decisions that affect your health.

Questions? Visit the FAQ on our website!

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