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Jenn's Story

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

The Diabits App in Real Life

In our previous blog posts (Who is Bio Conscious Technologies?What is the Diabits App?), we introduced visitors to the website to our team, our technology, and the Diabits app. Now let us introduce you to one of the first people to use the Diabits app in their everyday life.

The Story of Jenn

Jenn is a student at UBC who has type I diabetes and a full course load. In 2016, she experienced a critical low while she was alone in her dorm. 

One evening when she was relaxing on her couch, she unintentionally put pressure on her continuous glucose monitor (CGM). This caused the CGM to misread her blood sugar, and fail to alert her to a low. 

Don’t risk an unfortunate accident due to low blood sugar.

Feeling that her blood sugar was low, Jenn got up to have a snack, but it was too late. She felt lightheaded, fell, and hit her head on the coffee table. 

Jenn was unconscious for two hours before being found and taken to the emergency room. Another hour and Jenn could have died. Although she recovered, Jenn had to spend two days in the hospital. The incident was a significant blow to her confidence and independence, and missing school was detrimental to her studies.

Two weeks after the incident, Jenn met with BCT to talk about the Diabits app. She was shaken by her critical low and wanted to change the way she managed her diabetes. Jenn admitted that she had kept her blood sugar high by delivering less insulin. She needed a solution that could help her identify lows before they occurred and give her confidence to keep her blood sugar in range again.  

Stay safe and connected with those in your life using the Diabits app Follower feature

Since then, Jenn has been successfully using the Diabits app to spot lows in advance using her estimated future blood sugar notifications. She is also able to keep her parents in the loop using the follower feature to give them peace of mind.

How Does the Diabits App Work

The Diabits app is a personalized diabetes management tool for people with type I and type II diabetes. Using an AI algorithm, the Diabits app builds a personalized model of your blood sugar. The model allows you to receive estimates about your blood sugar up to 60 minutes ahead of time to help you avoid highs and lows.

Available at the Apple App Store and Google Play

Lifestyle Freedom with the Diabits App

Our app provides real-time estimates of your future glucose values which gives you:

  • Peace of mind for 60 minutes

  • Stay ahead of changes in your blood sugar

  • Freedom throughout the day

The Diabits app is compatible with Dexcom CGMs, Nightscout, AppleWatch, and Fitbit devices. Novo Norodisk and Abbott integrations are coming soon.

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