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Bio Conscious Technologies: What is BCT?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Bio Conscious Technologies: What is BCT?

Founded by tech visionary Amir Hayeri in 2015, Bio Conscious (BCT) a health analytics company with a mission to enable patients and care providers to better understand and treat diseases using predictive analytics. 

As an inquisitive child, Amir grew into an equally astute businessman—willing to do what it takes to create change in people’s lives using technology. Amir says “My approach to business is different than most, I prefer to do something meaningful rather than that is expedient,” and this is true of BCT’s focus on diabetes and the development of the Diabits app.

The Diabits Team, at Bio Conscious Technologies HQ in Vancouver

In 2019, BCT focused in on its drive to develop new solutions for patients with diabetes, and to cover more diseases with groundbreaking technology. The company more than doubled in size during the year.

Amir works closely with Stephen Dodge and the development team at their downtown Vancouver workspace as part of the world-class business accelerator, SFU VentureLabs.

Diabits – BCT’s Key Product

The Diabits app allows patients with diabetes to manage their health without stress. The Diabits algorithm learns an individual user’s physiology and predicts where their blood sugar will trend over the next hour. Diabits users manage their diabetes proactively, rather than reactively, with knowledge of where their blood sugar is headed, and why.  With the Diabits app, users have better long-term health, lower HbA1c, greater time in range, and less blood sugar variability

How Diabits Works

BCT works hard to ensure as many users have access to the Diabits app as possible. The company licenses its core analytics services to diabetes device and app companies to allow them to provide estimates and analytics, to their users.  Then, users of the Diabits app or technology incorporating the Diabits algorithm can share their data with their primary care provider through Endobits, BCT’s clinical portal.  Care providers use our technology to help patients keep on track with treatment and identify patients in need of more assistance.

Diabits users manage their diabetes proactively, rather than reactively, with knowledge of where their blood sugar is headed. With the app, users have less highs, less lows, and better long-term health. 

Key features giving users an advantage over other current diabetes apps:

  • Blood sugar estimates

  • Notifications

  • Journaling

  • Analytics

  • Sharing Your Data

BCT Background Since inception, BCT has been developing an ensemble of AI algorithms that allows patients with diabetes to manage their health proactively by accurately estimating their future glucose levels using machine learning.

Did you know that the World Health Organization estimates that 425 million people are living with diabetes? Mismanagement of diabetes can be very harmful. BCT’s algorithm, Diabits, learns an individual’s physiology and estimates, with machine learning technology, where their blood sugar will trend over time based on their current blood sugar, behaviour, and activity.

BCT successfully piloted its technology at BC Children’s Hospital, resulting in a proven accuracy of 94.9% using error grid analysis. They also presented at the 78th and 79th Scientific Session of the American Diabetes Association.

What is Next for BCT?

Given that November is Diabetes Awareness Month in Canada, BCT is engaging with the #gobluefornovember campaigns underway throughout North America and is announcing that the Diabits app is now available for Android users to download via Google Play, and on the 14th of November, the app will be free.

BCT understands how much of a burden, and how expensive living with diabetes can be, and so the monthly subscription fee will be discontinued permanently!

If you have any questions for the team or are interested in learning more about the Bio Conscious Technologies business, visit the home page of the Diabits website.

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