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Privacy Notice for Interactive Blood Sugar Map

The Interactive Blood Sugar Map contains aggregated data collected by the Diabits app.  The use of this data is governed by the Bio Conscious Technologies Privacy Policy and abides by the regulations cited by the policy.


Blood sugar data, time zone data, and location data are used to determine the values displayed by the Interactive Blood Sugar Map.  To protect individual privacy, a number of steps are taken. 

Note that the average value displayed in the map may not be representative of the actual average blood sugar of Diabits users in a given region, to protect user privacy. 


The data used in the map does not contain any personal information.  The data displayed is an average across multiple Diabits users.  Average data will not be displayed in a region if less than 25 Diabits users are present in that region.  

If you have any questions or concerns about the data displayed in the Interactive Blood Sugar Map, please connect with us at

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