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Before using Diabits, Jenn did not have the confidence to keep her blood sugar in a safe range, and it was high all the time.

After using Diabits, Jenn could see where her blood sugar was headed, and was confident in knowing that she would not go low. This helped Jenn increase her time in range and reduce her blood sugar variability and HbA1c.

How Diabits Helped Jenn


enn always had confidence in her ability to manage her type 1 diabetes - she had done so for most of her life. But one day, she experienced a critical low that changed everything.

While studying at the University of British Columbia, she was resting in her dorm room and unintentionally put pressure on her continuous glucose monitor (CGM). The CGM stopped reading her blood sugar correctly, and failed to alert her of a low.


Jenn felt something was off, but by the time she got up to have a snack, she was already lightheaded. She fell, struck her head on the coffee table and was unconscious in her dorm for two hours. If she hadn’t been discovered in time, she could have died.


After two days in hospital, Jenn recovered, but her confidence didn’t. The incident had dealt a heavy blow to her sense of independence.


When we met Jenn two weeks later, she was still shaken by her critical low. To prevent a repeat, she had kept her blood sugar high by delivering less insulin, but that takes a damaging toll on the body over the long term. She needed a solution that could help her identify potential lows before they occurred, and give her the confidence to keep her blood sugar in range again.


Diabits was that solution. Jenn is now able to view her estimated future blood sugar values and take action to prevent lows. And in the event of a critical situation, her parents receive ample warning with Diabits’s follower feature.


Other Diabits users 


Reduce HbA1c by 0.5% to 0.9% on average


Increase their daily time in range by an average of

1 hour and 30 minutes


Make less frequent corrections, and reduce  variability by up to 17%


Manage with Confidence

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