How to Setup a Follower Account

Great to see you’re interested in following someone who uses Diabits! Now let’s get started.

This tutorial will walk you through getting your Diabits follower account set up. 

Diabits is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

Step 1:

When you download Diabits and open it for the first time, this is the first page you will see. You can create an account using Facebook or Google by clicking on the corresponding buttons. You can also click Sign Up to create an account.

Step 2:

After clicking Sign Up you will be taken to the signup screen.

Step 3:

Enter your name, email, and password. Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy, then click Sign up to continue. 

Step 4:

Scroll to the bottom of the App Use Disclaimer and click I Agree to continue. 

Step 5:

Click the second option “Someone I care about uses a continuous glucose monitor, and I want to be able to check in on their blood sugar.” This option will take you through the signup process to set up a follower account. If you need any help, click the support button to speak to a Diabits team member! 

Step 6:

If someone has already sent you a follower link, you can copy paste it into the text field, or simply click the link. If you do not already have a follower link, you will need to ask the person you want to follow to send you one. For more information on adding followers, check out this article.

Step 7:

After entering your follower link, click Confirm.

Step 8:

Congratulations! You are finished setting up your Diabits account. You will now be taken through an optional tutorial showing some of the most exciting features of the app. If you want to skip the tutorial, you can always go back to it in the settings menu.