Diabits App Features

Get real-time glucose readings

Diabits - a diabetes management app - continuously calculates your future blood sugar up to an hour in advance using AI trained on your personal data.

  • Stay ahead of changes 

  • Increase your time in range

  • Enjoy freedom and flexibility

Smart Journaling for Diabetes Management

Diabits keeps track of the information that matters. These inputs teach the algorithm how additional factors affect your blood sugar.

  • View insulin-on-board and carbs-on-board 

  • Understand the effects of illness, mood, exercise, and daily activities


Personalized Insights for Blood Sugar Management

There’s no such thing as “normal” blood sugar.  Diabits is customized for you alone, spotting patterns and giving actionable insights you can understand.

  • Discover hypo/hyperglycemia patterns  

  • Calculate your future glucose management indicator (est. HbA1c)


Stay in Range with Predictive Blood Sugar Notifications

You set the target range that’s right for you, Diabits will notify you before you go out of range.

  • Customize notification types and timing

  • Know when you're tracking towards highs and lows

  • Get critical alerts when they matter most

Diabits App Support 

We understand the importance of keeping your doctor and loved ones in the know. 

  • Followers get notified when you're trending high or low  

  • Integration with Endobits, our remote monitoring platform for physicians


Manage with Confidence

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