How to Connect Your CGM

So you're having issues with your CGM?


This tutorial walks you through connecting and changing your CGM. 

Step 1: 

If you need to reconnect your CGM, or change your CGM settings, you can do this on the settings menu. From the homepage, click on the settings menu in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: 


Click on CGM provider.

Step 3: 


This page is showing a user account that is connected to Nightscout. To update your Nightscout URL, enter your new URL and click Save. If you need to change your CGM provider, click on “Tap here to change your CGM”. 

Step 4: 


Click on the CGM you would like to connect. If your new CGM is not listed, please click on “My CGM isn’t listed here”. We are always adding new integrations to Diabits, so we would love to hear from you which CGM you are using so we can work to integrate it.


Having trouble using Nightscout? Check out this tutorial to set up Nightscout on iOS or Android on Freestyle Libre, Dexcom or Medtronic devices.

Before you connect your Dexcom CGM to Diabits, you must enable Share in the Dexcom app. 


When enabling Dexcom Share, you may need to send a follow request through the Dexcom app. You can send a follow request to yourself.


If you forgot your Dexcom password, you'll have to change it on their end - we cannot help you recover your Dexcom password. 

Your MiaoMiao may not connect to Diabits if it is already connected to other apps, like Tomato or xDrip. 

Disconnect your MiaoMiao from other apps before connecting it to Diabits.

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