Can we prevent chronic disease using machine learning?

This was the question that we sought to answer when we founded Bio Conscious Technologies Inc. in 2015.


Yes, we can


Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices provide data about blood glucose, the cornerstone of human metabolism. Using machine learning, a method of employing AI technology, we succeeded in modeling blood sugar into the future, and diabetes became the focus of our company. 

After successful clinical testing with BC Children’s Hospital, Diabits was launched in 2017. Since then, our users have been excited about the app's predictive capabilities and thousands have used it to see their blood sugar 60 minutes into the future.

We're continuing to innovate towards building personalized prevention and management solutions for diabetes and other chronic diseases.


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As we scale, we continue to create solutions for diabetes and other chronic diseases. We are looking for talented people that are passionate and share our vision for creating personalized prevention and management solutions.


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